About Us

American Classic Wedding Car Service LLC,
Florida’s Finest Brand of Vintage Antique, Wedding Car Service Experience.
30 years Wedding, Professional Chaueffeur, Owner Experience.  Based in Sarasota County & Servicing practically anywhere Throughout Florida.

If you are Planning a Gatsby Inspired, 1920’s / 30’s Style Wedding, Special Occasion or Event & Want to Add Glamour, Elegance & Class to your Day, Then You have found the Right Service.

We are Exclusive and Only Do One Event Per Date.
Featuring Our Rare 1935 Hudson Terraplane touring sedan with 2 AC units & other modern upgrades.

Danny,  A Professional Wedding Car Chauffeur that Looks like he time traveled from the roaring 20’s and 30’s to add that special touch to your event.

For Gigs out of our normal Sarasota County area, I will Transport the 1935 Terraplane Long Distance Safely & Cleanly in our Enclosed Car Trailer for a nominal fee.
Commercially Insured For Hire.

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